Enter the jungle on a tour to the LabnaHa cenotes

To enjoy natural beauties and enter the amazing world of Mayan culture you have to visit this fabulous place.

The formation of cenotes in Mexico is due to the separation of tectonic plates that occurred millions of years ago in the Yucatan Peninsula region, this has resulted in thousands of cenotes, although Not all are suitable for exploration and tourism.

The cenotes are underground rivers of crystalline waters, the Maya called them "dzonot" (cave with water), hence the word cenote. 

What is Labnaha?

The term "LabnaHa" means "the Old Water Temple" and is the name given to this incredible site, because the remains of the first inhabitants of the continent were found in the caves that can be reached by diving.

Through the exploration that was carried out for several years, being a place of great extension, it was discovered that this cenote is connected with forty other, the ancient settlers they used the caves as ceremonial centers, since the Mayan culture gave the cenotes the character of sacred, assuming that life emanated from these places, they also felt that being in the cenotes they were closer to their gods.

To take into account

Visiting the cenotes LabnaHa connects you with nature, in addition to perceiving a sense of mystery when you see the immensity of the caves in the dark.

Keep in mind that the number of people who can live this experience daily is limited, since environmental authorities do their best to reduce the harmful impact that can be generated by the visits and tourist explorations.

How to meet him?

To get to know this place you can hire tours that include visits to the ecological park by doing fun outdoor activities and after the guided tour to the LabhaNa cenote, the guides are very friendly and know the area perfectly.

It is also possible on these same tours visit the archeological zones that are close to the cenote, all in an environment of exotic vegetation, which is ideal to do alone, as a couple or with your group of friends.

The Cenote LabhaNa has been considered as the best cenote in the area, due to its state of conservation, care and attention of those responsible and in general for having an immeasurable beauty, the activities to be carried out are snorkeling, diving, zip line, so that you will enjoy it to the fullest, just remember that it is a unique area in the world so it is necessary to comply with all the environmental recommendations of the authorities and residents.

In addition, this area is only 11 minutes away from your accommodation.

Address Highway Cancun-Tulum 307 km 240, Tulum Quintana Roo.